Product Development and Fabric Addiction/Affliction

Alert hemp lovers! New product in the pipeline! We have made leggings with a touch of Spandex in the mix before, but these are a whole different beast. If there is one thing that is consistently requested from our fans across the globe, its leggings! So here we go, launching into fabric science, to concoct the perfect blend of hemp, organic cotton and Spandex to make our asses look fantastic! (Dudes do not dismay, we'll get you covered head to toe next year! {Unisex cargo pants are coming in April 2012}) Back to the knits; we love China because they are allowed to grow our favorite plant, hemp! They are also the only country in the world as we know it, that has the machinery and person power to to knit and process the hemp the particular way we like it. It's not rocket science, but more like a throw back to the days of old, where the machinery was clunky and slow, and could handle the irregularities that we so love about hemp. Machinery here in the USA is built for speed and mercerized cotton; any mill that ever tried to knit hemp in the USA, unless it is "rayonized" ie: chemicalized, will never touch it again, due to the nightmares of production that occur with America's high tech speedy machinery. Knitting our hemp material is a labor of love, which takes patience, perseverance and a lot of people power. The machines must be babysat continuously, to keep a close eye on the possible malfunctions of the machinery, imperfect yarns, or improper finishing. If a snag occurs, that agile soul must stop the machine, climb up into the circular machinery and re-weave or loosen the uncooperative yarn, and then climb out and resume the process. From the product development stage to the garment on your body, every step from farm to factory is orchestrated to deliver you a perfectly delicious pair of hemp and organic cotton leggings!

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