Cargo Drawstring Hemp Pants

Travel lightly in high function, high fashion cargo drawstring hemp yoga pants. Pack them tight in your bag and wrinkles fall away from these awesome travel pants. Rock the casbah, practice yoga, dance, snooze, lounge, party down in these hemp drawstring cargo yoga pants!  Outside seams for style with contrast thread color elongates your legs.  55% hemp 45% organic cotton jersey knit comfy-ness in every step.  Excellent for sensitive skin, and doctor recommended for post operative wear, especially around the waist. Our hemp is anti-microbial, temperature controlled, UV ray protective, wicking and holds its shape like no other. Easy care, wash on cool and dry in dryer. Cargo drawstring hemp pants are a favorite for travel pants and yoga pants. Unisex. For men, choose one size larger than you normally would wear.

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Price: $88.00
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