Hemp History Week in Victoria, TX!

hemp history week

hemp history week

During Hemp History Week June 6th through the 12th of 2016,  hemp activists will come together to co-create events around the country to promote education, awareness and activism.

From Hawaii to North Dakota, Vermont, and Kentucky things are heating up for the legalization of hemp farming.  So far at least 26 states have successfully introduced hemp legislation and at least 6 are growing test plots.

June 9th at 7 PM in Victoria, TX where Minawear Luxury Hemp Loungewear is based, the Guerrilla Gourmet restaurant will be hosting a Hemp History Week event.  See the movie Bringing It Home about the modern hemp industry while sampling Chef James Canter's hemp menu items.  At 7:15 join the Skype conversation with the creator of the Cannabis Car, Bruce Dietzen.

Along with free product samples from Manitoba Harvest,  and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, attendees will also be eligible for a chance to win a copy of Hemp for Victory, browse the hemp library, check out other hemp uses and products, and shop one of a kind tie dyes from Minawear Luxury Hemp Loungewear.

The best way to support the legalization of hemp farming in the United States is to purchase and use hemp products as often as you can, and tell every one you know about this plant and all of it's 25,000 applications.

We will discuss the current legislature while making available several petitions to sign.

Sign today!  Legalize Hemp Farming

Participate in Hemp History Week by creating your own event,  educating yourselves, and using hemp in one of it's 25,000 applications in your every day lives!

Guerrilla Gourmet

311 E. Constitution St. Victoria, TX

June 9th, 2016 7 PM to 10 PM

  • Admission by donation to pay for the Screening

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