Travels and Travails

Hauling hemp along Route 66 towards our destination Mystic Hot Springs UTAH was the first major adventure in our new Ghetto Bago.  We arrived to find hardly a soul yet there, which gave us plenty of time to soak in the various bath tubs encrusted with the magic minerals that make the hot springs healing.  We enjoyed numerous bands including The Mother Hips, ALO, an exciting local band Marinade, whose last gig it was together, Hot Buttered Rum, and my favorite: LUNAR FIRE!  WOW!  Talk about getting blown away!  With a Latin flavor in the percussions and raps, amazing lighting and set pieces, and the dancers costumes on the cutting edge, they captured us visually as well as vibrationally.  The Lunar Fire dancers told timeless stories with fire, hoops, ribbon dances, and the main vocalist Precious Hill painted the sky with her outer spatial lyrics and entrancing mystical messages.  Lucky us, we got to meet several of these talented and friendly performers when they came over to the vendor village the next day to peruse the hemp goods.  You can find them on SOUNDCLOUD.lunar fire  Google had us there in 21 hours and 9 minutes from our home in Victoria, Texas, but Ghetto Bago is an old lady and refused to pony up to more than 60 miles an hour with out over heating, so it took us about 27 hours of road time.  Would I do it again? Yes! But not with Ghetto Bago.  hemp loungetubbinhemp route 66 utah moab dolphin

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