What's Your Hemp Healing Story?

Chemotherapy? Fibromyalgia? Post operative discomfort? Asthma?

How has Minawear Luxury Hemp Loungewear relieved, comforted, relaxed or otherwise helped your body mind and spirit to live a better life?

Please email me with your stories so that we can help others with these same problems. mina at minawear dot com I will be using your testimonials in promotional materials, as well as a press release sent out to doctors and medical journals. If it is published in a magazine or journal, its good for a nice credit for some hemp pants here on minawear.com!

Hemp Cargo Pants

Hemp Cargo Pants

My healing story is about eczema that first appeared on my skin when I was a baby. Until I was almost 21 years old, I had never had a doctor try to figure out the cause of it, they would only prescribe a topical steroid and send me on my way. Finally after all those years and the worst outbreak ever, that covered my entire body including my face, I found myself in the emergency room at 2 AM because I hadn't slept in two weeks and was on the edge of insanity. The ER doctor, not even a dermatologist, finally, besides telling me to put CRISCO on it, told me not wear wool, polyester, or any other man made fibers.

And that was the beginning of my quest to make healing clothing. As it turns out, its more than just our bodies we are healing, it is our wellbeing, and even bigger, the planet's wellbeing.

I've said it a thousand times! Hemp's the best natural fiber in the world for sensitive skin! It has beneficial qualities for the skin like no other.

Hemp is organic, anti-microbial, wicking, UV ray protective, soft, and temperature controlled.


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