Gettin with the times!!

Here it is, the first Minawear blog post! In honor of the year 2012 and the ochreous (yes its a word I googled orange synonyms - fruit with one ovary was the definition of orange) color of the year "Tangerine Tango", Im going to plug my brother Kenyon Gibson's book, "Hemp for Victory".  Kenyon is a self taught genius who speaks several languages, a four star chef, an expert in raptors, orchids, Bolivia and of course HEMP! Back in 1998 when the hemp education movement was picking up speed, I opened a shop on Main Street with a friend Kim Jimenez in Santa Monica, CA called California Hemp Products.  It was more about educating the public than profit, as there was a limited supply of quality hemp goods available then.  We had our Betsy Ross replica hemp flag gracing the doorway, a decent selection of hemp paper, books, soap, snacks, lollipops, twine, jewelry, and clothing. With Muscle Beach steps away, and several body builder supply stores within a stone's throw, it became apparent that there was a market for workout/loungewear made from the glorious hemp fiber.    Its qualities of strength, wicking, temperature control and softness all directed me to investigate this niche.  I wrote a business plan which intrigued Kenyon so much that he was inspired to invest in Minawear, and write this magnificent tome that is one of the most comprehensive hemp books available to date! We are proud to say that Woody Harrelson, Jack Herer, and John Quincy Adams to name a few are contributors to this creation.  It is available for purchase HERE.  Enjoy!

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