Hemp History Week and Hempsters Plant the Seed Movie!

The two main hemp lobbying efforts in the US today, VoteHemp.com and TheHIA.org together have created Hemp History Week June 3-9th.  If you want to get involved there are hundreds of events already planned
Hemp Activists Merle Haggard and Mina Hegaard

Hemp Activists Merle Haggard and Mina Hegaard (no relation... that we know of!)

across the nation, or you can plan your own educational and fun hemp event!  (Click the links for more info) The purpose is to raise awareness about hemp as well as to activate citizens to vote, write letters, donate to the lobbyists, and purchase and use hemp products!! These are the best ways to show our government that hemp is indeed a viable and necessary crop for our country to grow.  Check out Hempsters Plant the Seed Movie starring Woody Harrelson, Ralph Nader, Willie Nelson, Julia Butterfly, Merle Haggard and so many more including prominent law makers and law enforcement. Watch it now: Hempsters Plant the Seed Movie.  You can even show the movie at your own personal event by purchasing it on Amazon.com. As of today, nine states — Kentucky, Colorado, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia (and HI in tow!)— have enacted statutory changes defining industrial hemp as distinct agricultural product and allowing for its regulated commercial production.  We need your state to do the same!! Help your state join the list by participating in Hemp Week!!   Here is a link to sign our petition to President Obama:  Legalize Hemp Farming Petition

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