Capri Hemp Yoga Pants with Hemp Silk Trim

These mid-rise capri hemp yoga pants with hemp silk trim are made from our signature 55% hemp 45% organic cotton jersey blend for maximum comfort. This fun pair of capri hemp yoga pants are so versatile for even the hottest of summer days, wear under a hemp dress or hemp tunic, with a hemp tank top or a bathing suit top, perfect for yoga! Dress hemp capri hemp yoga pants up or down, go clam digging at the beach, bike riding, horse back riding, dancing, and camping. Women (and men) of all ages enjoy the comfort of this style that goes all year round with boots, sandals, or heels! Excellent for sensitive skin, because our hemp and organic cotton blend is naturally wicking, anti-microbial, temperature controlled and soft. Our specialty blend stretch knit is moisture wicking, anti-microbial and naturally breathes like you are naked. Elastic waistband. Wear capri hemp yoga pants with hemp silk trim all year round!

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Price: $68.00
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