Hemp Drawstring Pants Tie Dye One of a Kind!

Hemp Drawstring Pants Tie Dye Are straight leg with no side seams. Perfect for yoga, dance and beach combing. Pants you can wear to a festive party, ecstatic dance, performing, rituals, sleeping, church, library, travel pants, gym pants, or ROFL hemp pants. Hemp is anti microbial, temperature controlled, and retains its shape better than any other natural fiber! Organic hemp and cotton jersey knit is grown with out chemicals on small family farms. We employ earth friendly practices and use low impact dyes. Each pair of hemp drawstring pants have unique tie dye that stands out from the crowd. This design is called "giraffe" and can be worn by fairies, hipsters, partiers, loungers, rockstars, infamous characters of all shapes and sizes and of course artists, because they are camoflauge in the studio. Hemp also washes extremely well, cool water wash and tumble dry to soften. Hemp doesn't wear out, it wears in!

Price: $88.00
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