Mid-Summer Highlights of the Minawear Hemp Tour

Telluride Hemp Yoga FestivalThe hemp summer has gotten off to a fabulous whirlwind of a start! We went to Dallas for a screening of Hempsters Plant the Seed, where I got to see my friend Julia Butterfly Hill again, and meet the CEO of ForeverGreen, Ron K. Williams, who just launched some amazing hemp food products called Versativa. In the gorgeous hill country, we camped for almost three weeks at the Kerrville Music Festival with the hippies of Texas (yes the mythological creatures do exist!). This last week was spent unpacking from the Telluride Yoga Festival adventure where we stayed in a rustic cabin nestled in the mountains near Ophir. It was the perfect vacation despite the rain that dripped on our Minawear Hemp booth every day. We hiked, fly fished, saw elk and marmot, and I got to do yoga with a world class instructor, Duncan Wong. What can top this?

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