Veggie Heaven Yoga Vacation in Austin

Ahhh... Monday. Its a lost day like the part of your pants that disappear into the lint trap of the dryer. Well toss it on the compost for blog fodder then. I am not even going to unpack the car until Wednesday when we leave again for the Kerrville Folk Festival! The Austin Yoga Expo was a fun-tastic work vacation weekend with my good friend Molly seen there in front of Veggie Heaven, my new favorite restaurant in the world! The eggplants were crunchy tangy pillows of goosh, and the "protein" was perfectly chewy amongst its broccoli bedfellows tossed in sheets of magnificently delicate sauce. We met the yogis of Texas, got elongated, cranially adjusted, herbally therapized, made some cash, talked hemp, and had a few Hendrick's martini's at the Hilton bar. A perfect weekend topped off to coming home to a groovy article about Minawear in the local paper!! Thank you Allison Miles for writing such a complimentary article and promoting the health of the planet and plant!!

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