Could it be a conspiracy or karma?

It’s probably because you’re sweating while wearing those fine Italian polyester shorts. Who wears polyester anymore you ask? Polyester is on the streets today with re-spun labels like micro fiber, performance fiber, Micromist, Silkmore, Supplex, Silky Touch, Microspun, and Charisma. Basically you’re wearing a petroleum product down there, which is like wearing a garbage bag and sweating in it.

Cotton can be sticky too, with all the pesticides, fungicides and herbicides used on it. It seems like that would ward off the microbes down there, but if you have sensitive skin, chemicals can cause serious situations, especially in delicate areas.

These doctor recommended anti-microbial hemp shorts are not shorts you will want to smoke, but you could, as there has been no use of Paraquat on either the hemp, or the cotton, therefore saving you an expensive trip to the ER. Hemp and organic cotton are naturally grown. Less chemicals on delicate skin mean less itching.

Hemp is also wicking and temperature controlled, meaning it will keep you dry and cool in swampy conditions. Another bonus: hemp lasts up to five times longer than plain cotton, so instead of a one season pair of shorts, you can sport them for five!

As for karma, conventional cotton is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world, making those “natural” skivvies pretty toxic for you and mother nature. itchy squirrel The secret to comfort and freedom from embarrassing and uncomfortable itching is hemp and organic cotton fiber shorts from Minawear Luxury Hemp Loungewear.


Why is it a secret? Conspiracy theorists say that it was “the Man” bringing us down that made growing industrial hemp illegal in the United States in the 1940’s. Allegedly hemp’s 25,000 applications brought it into competition with big business like textiles, paper, fuel, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Until recently, hemp was deemed a schedule 1 drug, right up there with heroin, but luckily all that seems to be changing with companies like Minawear Luxury Hemp Loungewear paving the way to earth friendly comfort and style.

Change your karma, change your shorts. Wear Minawear hemp and promote your health and the planet’s in style and comfort.


What's Your Hemp Healing Story?

Chemotherapy? Fibromyalgia? Post operative discomfort? Asthma?

How has Minawear Luxury Hemp Loungewear relieved, comforted, relaxed or otherwise helped your body mind and spirit to live a better life?

Please email me with your stories so that we can help others with these same problems. mina at minawear dot com I will be using your testimonials in promotional materials, as well as a press release sent out to doctors and medical journals. If it is published in a magazine or journal, its good for a nice credit for some hemp pants here on Minawear.com!

Hemp Cargo Pants

Hemp Cargo Pants

My healing story is about eczema that first appeared on my skin when I was a baby. Until I was almost 21 years old, I had never had a doctor try to figure out the cause of it, they would only prescribe a topical steroid and send me on my way. Finally after all those years and the worst outbreak ever, that covered my entire body including my face, I found myself in the emergency room at 2 AM because I hadn't slept in two weeks and was on the edge of insanity. The ER doctor, not even a dermatologist, finally, besides telling me to put CRISCO on it, told me not wear wool, polyester, or any other man made fibers.

And that was the beginning of my quest to make healing clothing. As it turns out, its more than just our bodies we are healing, it is our wellbeing, and even bigger, the planet's wellbeing.

I've said it a thousand times! Hemp's the best natural fiber in the world for sensitive skin! It has beneficial qualities for the skin like no other.

Hemp is organic, anti-microbial, wicking, UV ray protective, soft, and temperature controlled.


Minawear Mission to Pants the Planet in Hemp! Made in the USA.

We’re giving this Kickstarter thing a go! Our hemp will still be grown and knit in China for now, but lets get ‘em sewed up here!! Please check out the campaign here:


From $1 to $1000, it all adds up. This is me and my brother Kenyon Gibson back in the 70’s on Long Island. He helped me get started with Minawear in 1998! My earliest backer… Look at those PANTS!!

It must be in the genes.

My brother.


An Open Letter to our Concerned Customers

Minawear FactoryI understand your concerns about Chinese made goods, and I would like to address them.  From the beginning Minawear has been a process of education; first in 1998 about hemp and its amazing qualities as a textile, and now that we manufacture in China, about the changes in the labor laws and the evolution of the "Fair Trade" certification process.

We choose to manufacture in China because it is the only place that grows and processes the highest quality of hemp knits that Minawear is known for. In the long run, it also reduces the carbon footprint to manufacture all in one region.​

I want you to know, that although there is no "Fair Trade" certification as of yet for apparel in China, we are making great strides to promote fair trade practices in the factories that our goods are produced in.  Many factories that our producers use are WARP and BSCI certified, but garment factories at this point have no equivalent.

Minawear employs a full time production manager who oversees the phases of each production to ensure that our standards are being met.

The hemp is grown on small family farms in the mountains, with no chemicals.  It is then brought down to the plant in Shanxi, to be processed.

At the processing facility, any chemicals utilized must be booked on the Materials Safety Data Sheet, (MSDS) and disposed of responsibly. The standards employed here are in fact stricter than US standards, and are regularly tested.

In 2008 The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, began implementing stricter regulations in Chinese labor laws that has increased manufacturers end costs, but improved the factory workers life considerably.  These laws include requiring paid maternity leave, retirement at age 50 to 60, health insurance paid for by the factory, overtime pay and better minimum wages.  There is no child labor or forced labor permitted.

Our factory pays its workers about 3 times the national minimum wage, and maintains safety and cleanliness better than most factories I have personally seen in Los Angeles.

We have been working in close communication with our factory and production manager to steer each phase towards the greenest, safest and fairest practices possible.   Our solution is to provide as much information and transparency as possible.

In order to better educate our customers about our process, we will be at the GreenFestival in Los Angeles this coming October 19-20th along side our production manager, and the factory owner, who can tell you first hand what we do over there. We invite you to visit our booth # 436.


Hemp History Week and Hempsters Plant the Seed Movie!

The two main hemp lobbying efforts in the US today, VoteHemp.com and TheHIA.org together have created Hemp History Week June 3-9th.  If you want to get involved there are hundreds of events already planned
Hemp Activists Merle Haggard and Mina Hegaard

Hemp Activists Merle Haggard and Mina Hegaard (no relation... that we know of!)

across the nation, or you can plan your own educational and fun hemp event!  (Click the links for more info) The purpose is to raise awareness about hemp as well as to activate citizens to vote, write letters, donate to the lobbyists, and purchase and use hemp products!! These are the best ways to show our government that hemp is indeed a viable and necessary crop for our country to grow.  Check out Hempsters Plant the Seed Movie starring Woody Harrelson, Ralph Nader, Willie Nelson, Julia Butterfly, Merle Haggard and so many more including prominent law makers and law enforcement. Watch it now: Hempsters Plant the Seed Movie.  You can even show the movie at your own personal event by purchasing it on Amazon.com. As of today, nine states — Kentucky, Colorado, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia (and HI in tow!)— have enacted statutory changes defining industrial hemp as distinct agricultural product and allowing for its regulated commercial production.  We need your state to do the same!! Help your state join the list by participating in Hemp Week!!   Here is a link to sign our petition to President Obama:  Legalize Hemp Farming Petition

Kentucky Not Going Down Without a Fight

In all the news that is fit to print, the biggest scandal of the day comes out of Kentucky. Citizens and law makers gathered in Frankfort, KY for a hearing on state Senate Bill 50 in the Kentucky House Agriculture and Small Business Committee. The bill would pave the way for Kentucky to once again be a hemp farming state, but federal law still has hemp on its list of controlled substances, so some of Kentucky's lawmakers are pushing a bill in Washington that would change that and plan on asking the DEA for an exemption if those fail to pass. CEO of Nutiva, John Roulac testified that his hemp food company does 38 million a year, and is one of the fastest growing companies in the US. Sadly their biggest expense is importing the hemp from Canada. The bill had already flown through the Senate with an overwhelming 31-6 bipartisan vote in favor, so everyone expected this to achieve similar results. Agricultural Commissioner James Comer said there’s enough support to pass the bill right now. But House Agricultural Commissioner Tom McKee refused to allow a vote to be called on Senate Bill 50 in the committee, which looks to be an illegal play according to Kentucky state law. “He’s the one that didn't have the votes,” Comer said. “If he would have done it on his committee substitute, it would have gotten about 7 votes. Then if we would have turned around and voted on senate bill 50, which is what you're supposed to do.” For the detailed version of this story here is a blog post by Katie Moyer who sits on the Kentucky Hemp Commission. http://kentuckyhempcoalition.blogspot.com
Kentucky Hemp Coalition

Agricultural Commissioner Jamie Comer & Katie Moyer


Original Sprouts in Minawear Hemp

Growing up in a beautiful place like Santa Barbara, CA has surely had its effect on those lucky enough to experience it, and like it has with me, surely it has done Inga Tritt original sprout hemp dress spaghetti strap dress hemp tunic dressso with my dear Jr. High BFF Inga Tritt. In the twenty odd year gap that we had not seen each other, we reconnected to learn that we had each taken a similar path in our lives. Not only do we have one daughter each, but we have also cultivated businesses in the organic industry. Inga's invention's are practically delicious (you totally could eat them!) body products for babies and up. Original Sprout Body Products sprouted in 2003, from Inga's career as a master stylist, her love of nature, and her new found motherhood. Here is Inga and her daughter Maya today near their home in San Luis Obispo, CA wearing Minawear Hemp Dresses!

Mid-Summer Highlights of the Minawear Hemp Tour

Telluride Hemp Yoga FestivalThe hemp summer has gotten off to a fabulous whirlwind of a start! We went to Dallas for a screening of Hempsters Plant the Seed, where I got to see my friend Julia Butterfly Hill again, and meet the CEO of ForeverGreen, Ron K. Williams, who just launched some amazing hemp food products called Versativa. In the gorgeous hill country, we camped for almost three weeks at the Kerrville Music Festival with the hippies of Texas (yes the mythological creatures do exist!). This last week was spent unpacking from the Telluride Yoga Festival adventure where we stayed in a rustic cabin nestled in the mountains near Ophir. It was the perfect vacation despite the rain that dripped on our Minawear Hemp booth every day. We hiked, fly fished, saw elk and marmot, and I got to do yoga with a world class instructor, Duncan Wong. What can top this?

Veggie Heaven Yoga Vacation in Austin

Ahhh... Monday. Its a lost day like the part of your pants that disappear into the lint trap of the dryer. Well toss it on the compost for blog fodder then. I am not even going to unpack the car until Wednesday when we leave again for the Kerrville Folk Festival! The Austin Yoga Expo was a fun-tastic work vacation weekend with my good friend Molly seen there in front of Veggie Heaven, my new favorite restaurant in the world! The eggplants were crunchy tangy pillows of goosh, and the "protein" was perfectly chewy amongst its broccoli bedfellows tossed in sheets of magnificently delicate sauce. We met the yogis of Texas, got elongated, cranially adjusted, herbally therapized, made some cash, talked hemp, and had a few Hendrick's martini's at the Hilton bar. A perfect weekend topped off to coming home to a groovy article about Minawear in the local paper!! Thank you Allison Miles for writing such a complimentary article and promoting the health of the planet and plant!!